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    Neutral Modern Nurseries as part of Nursery Week on

    Favorite Neutral Modern Nurseries

    Today is the last day of Nursery Week on Petite Modern Life! This has been the most fun series I’ve ever done because it involves all that I love: taking pictures, brilliant designs, BABIES, and incredible uniqueness from space to space, mama to mama. If I could run a blog just on nurseries and babies, I think I would. ;) So today we’ll be looking at my all time favorite neutral modern nurseries from my go-to bloggers and designers around the web.  Continue reading…

    Mountain Themed Nursery as part of Nursery Week on Petite Modern Life

    Mountain Themed Nursery

    Because I live in the great Pacific Northwest I love the sight of mountains. We’d ski them when they were snow capped in the winter; hike to swim the pure glacier waters surrounded by meadows of wildflowers and blueberries in the summer; and have sensory overload as they turned golden orange in the fall. Sharing this incredible love of mountains in a nursery is so perfect! So today I’m sharing two mountain themed nurseries I was privy to photograph.

    Continue reading…

    Nursery Week Preview!

    Hey everyone!  In the spirit of babies, Monday will kick off “Nursery Week” here on Petite Modern Life! I love nurseries and wish I could decorate so many different themed nurseries under one roof– but I don’t think the husband would be on board with the implications of that desire. ;) (babies, babies, babies!)

    Here is a glimpse of over twenty modern nurseries that will be shared here!

    You wont want to miss all the inspiring rooms I’ve photographed and curated for my dedicated readers who love the style on Petite Modern Life!