New Floors: Harmonics Camden Oak

Alright, if you follow along on Instagram you’ll know that we’ve found new floors! If you don’t follow on Instagram, I’ll share our most recent pictures and then some (from my phone!) here for you! I suppose it’s better than radio silence as a recent friend (– ahem Jaysen–) told me the other day. So let me fill you in on the recent happenings.

Costco usually carries a few styles of wood floors in their store and online. Sometimes they’re real wood and sometimes they’re laminate hardwood. Some of the styles come with installation and some come in bulk boxes. Two weeks ago I came across some Harmonics Laminate Flooring they had on sale for ~$1.30 per square foot and I actually LIKED it. They had two varieties that I liked, the Mill Creek Maple and the Camden Oak. When Mr. G and I finally went to the store together to check it out (on the last day of the sale), the only one left in stock was the Harmonics Camden Oak (and an ugly one that shall go unnamed. Unless you bought it then this is just awkward..)

Harmonics Camden Oak Floors | Petite Modern Life

We could still get the sale online, but didn’t want to spend extra on the shipping. So we mulled it over as our groceries thawed in the cart and the baby took yet another nap in the ergo and finally came to the conclusion of YES. Why the heck not. Let’s just do it. And we bought all but 6 boxes they had in store (1000 sq.ft.) Ps. Hip hip hooray for Costco taking Visa now!! Hello air miles! Maybe we’ll get to go to Hawaii after all this is said and done.


Two trips later, the groceries were back into safe temperature levels, the baby was sleeping in his crib, all the boxes were in the garage, and one was opened to sample around the house. It was a relief to conclude that we REALLY DID like them! You see, we spent waaaaay too long picking out floors for our last house. This time around having only 3 options to chose from was perfect. True statement, they look similar to our old floors. I guess we’ve found our preferred floor style.

We also found out that 3 of our friends have bought or are buying these same floors through the Costco sale! Very funny. It’s like the Costco Hawaiian shirt that every dad has.

Harmonics Camden Oak Floors | Petite Modern Life

A big difference is the matte vs. gloss look. Not that I really attempted to shine my floors to see my face in them, but this texture is easier on the eyes and the random dust/dirt/fur particles can blend in a little better!

Down to work.


Stripping the carpet is relatively painless, assuming you’re wearing a dust mask to keep allergies under control. Because no matter how much you vacuum and clean your carpets, dust and dirt accumulate hard core all the way below the padding. That’s why we’ve decided to do hardwood throughout the whole downstairs. We’re terrible at taking our shoes off, we’re always running in and out with project materials and tools, and we have a dog. Pretty much spells out d-i-r-t right?! At least I’ll know with hardwoods when the dirt is fully swept up and out.

Harmonics Camden Oak Floors | Petite Modern Life

Most of the demo was done by yours truly. It kind of goes unsaid in this house that Mr. G does all the back breaking OCD detail/saw work so I should be able to do all the demo work. I therefore took one day of nap times last week to go to town with my trusty crow bar.

Harmonics Camden Oak Floors | Petite Modern Life

Even though I had painted every oak baseboard in this house while pregnant last fall, we decided we might as well purchase all new baseboards while we’re at it.

When discussing this my husbands laughs out loud and says, “When we moved in I swore I wasn’t going to do any of this. Now we’ve done the kitchen, floors, and will do the baseboards JUST like the last house. At least we haven’t done the bathroom.” …. I simply smile and nod.

The garage is so ready for a dump run at this point. Oh and don’t forget my little helper who has been so good during all the banging, sawing, and running around. (And Ps. I got a new light that has me oggling every time I come downstairs :)
Harmonics Camden Oak Floors | Petite Modern Life

Saturday morning came and I loaded Mr. G up with bacon, eggs, cinnamon rolls, and lots of coffee and ibuprofen so he could go to town on the new floors.

Harmonics Camden Oak Floors | Petite Modern Life

Tools to Lay Floors:

Oh and don’t forget a handsome, hard working, person that you love and appreciate more than words can tell! (Also all the goods that keep him going: favorite cookies, goldfish, pizza, beer, exedrin. You know..)

Harmonics Camden Oak Floors | Petite Modern Life

There was a lot of progress made this past weekend! There’s still a bit to go, including some tricky parts like the bathroom and stairs (I’ll try to remember to take some detailed pics of what that process looks like). Then we’ll hopefully get the baseboards bought, painted, and nailed in before the end of the month! Wish us luck!

**FAQ on how are floors are holding up**

I’m worried about water spills with a busy household, how have yours held up?

+ Our floors have been holding up great. We’ve had some baby water bottle leaks/spills as well as full dog bowls (two beach towels worth) of water spills and they’ve cleaned up with no problems. With any floor that isn’t vinyl or tile, you do have to clean up the water as soon as possible, but a leaking water bottle over a few hours hasn’t given us any issues.

How do they hold up to kids and pets?

+ These floors see a lot of action. I allow shoes in the house, dogs running in the house, baby pushing anything that can slide in the house haha, and probably more than I should permit… So they have been tested! We haven’t had any scratches or gouges. They’ve done great.

Did you spend extra on underlayment?

+ We did not spend extra on additional underlayment and do not regret it!

How do you clean the floors?

+ I use a basic sponge mop with a bucket/bowl/sink of warm water mixed with a few squirts of the mild Method Squirt and Mop Floor Cleaner. I walk with a towel behind the mop to dry it as soon as it’s scrubbed. Another fantastic clean up tool is this dry mop with washable pads. Otherwise, I just like to run a vacuum once or twice a week.

Do you have more pictures of the floors?

+ Yes! Check out these links to other posts on Petite Modern Life. Here. Here. Here. And peruse the section of the blog titled Second Home for more posts that have the floors! Also check out my Instagram account to see them in daily action and lighting.

Ps. Follow @petitemodernlife on Snapchat and Instagram for fun/random house project updates!


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  • I will be interested in seeing what you do with the stairs. We’re in the market for new flooring (we been living with subfloor for what seems like forever) and have stairs also. It’s been analysis paralysis. Hardwoods, engineered, laminate . . . whatever.

    • Totally know where you are coming from! We basically said, “Shoot, we need to save money. Laminate hardwood is such a solid product these days, let’s get one that’s on sale and looks good.” We’ve been so happy with these ones in particular so far and have heard from at least 6 other friends and FB commenters how much they’ve loved these Harmonics’ floors. I hope you guys can find the right match for you!

  • Cute blog, love your style! We are looking at buying the same Camden oak flooring. How do you like it several months later? Any regrets putting it in your kitchen around water? Does it feel like a cheap hollow floor underfoot, or does it seem nicer than that with the pad and texture? We have young kids too that will be hard on a floor.

    • Hi Leslie! Thank you for the sweet compliment. We really love them! Between us and the dog dripping water everywhere, they’ve already been tested quite a bit and have had no issues whatsoever. My husband is the picky floor person and he loves them. Say’s he’d put the same ones in the house we’re planning on building. They are very matte. Not a bit of shine in them. I think it makes them look like raw, natural wood. It’s a great choice and so much more beautiful when they’re put in, I’d recommend them!

  • Looks beautiful. We just bought the same flooring for our home. What underpayment did you use? We’re trying to decide if the harmonics underpayment is the best to keep warranty or just go for another product and forget the warranty. Thanks

    • Hi Wendy. Interesting, we didn’t see that there was a specific warranty with different underlayments. However, we know that laminate floors have terrible warranty coverage for any water damage and that is the only real issue we can see happening to floors like these so we just go for it anyways without thinking about warranty. That said, we actually didn’t do an additional underlayment with the floors. They come with a very (very) thin foam on them, but we didn’t want to spend more money so we just went with it. Honestly, the sound and feel is great without any additional underlayment. We bought expensive underlayment for our previous laminate floors too and really can’t tell the difference. Hope this helps?!

  • Hi, I’m new to your blog. Sorry to ask you this again, but would you mind updating once more on if the Camden Oak floors are still doing ok in the kitchen. I am wanting to
    Put them in our house, but my husband has seen a couple reviewers have problems with water. Thanks for any advice!!

    • Hi Amy!
      Our floors have been holding up great. We’ve had some baby water bottle spills as well as full dog bowl (two beach towels worth) of water spills and they’ve cleaned up great. With any floor that isn’t vinyl or tile, you do have to clean up the water as soon as possible. From what I understand, most flooring companies do not cover any water damage. Or they say they do, but in the fine print the amount of time the water can be on the floor is ridiculously short. I had friends recently put in vinyl “wood flooring” that is beautiful and wont be damaged by water. However, the price goes up quite a bit for that perk. At the same time we put in our Harmonic floors, I had at least 3 other friends putting them in and everyone is very pleased! I hope this helps you guys and I hope you never have a big water leakage no matter what route you take! :)

  • Hi we are thinking of getting these floors but I’m still undecided. I’ve been looking for months too! So you didn’t use an additional underlayment? Is it noisy at all or any creaking? Also does it look really goldenish in the sun light? Thanks for your help!

    • Not creaky at all! But that also depends on the condition on your foundation (or age of home) and subfloors. In our previous house, the foundation had settled over the many year and the floors sloped in places, which will cause your subfloors, if they’re plywood, to creak and in turn your floors on top.In that house we walked around our subfloors for a few days and added more screws to the squeaky boards. We even bought the fancy underlayment, but the floors still squeaked in places because of the condition of the foundation. It didn’t bother me though. Our new house was built more recently and didn’t have that issue so no squeaks. We didn’t see the need to spend that extra $$ on underlayment and we’re glad we didn’t!

      I don’t think it looks very golden. It’s a nice muted tan that’s so matte there is no glow to it at all even in direct sunlight. Use my search bar to search “camden oak” for more posts with these floors. And peruse my instagram for different angles and lighting!

  • I am always researching as we have been looking for a few years now & I keep coming back to this flooring. Our house is not huge, but we have 20 acres of land in the country. I live simple but a little rustic charm that will look good with our area. I love the new handscraped look & realistic grain & colors of the laminates. I also don’t want shiny like the ones I have now that are very dated. I was going to go with a darker handscraped laminate, but I like this one a little more & the price is right. We have pets & we always have our kids & grandkids over & running around. Yesterday I told my husband I want this & I showed him online pics & comments(some good,some bad) but the bad comments were mainly due to application. Any feedback would be helpful regarding best saws, blades application & other tools, etc. Before we start. Any more pics would also be helpful. Thanks! Love your site.

    • Hello Carla! Thanks for stopping by. We love our floors. You can see them here, here, and scattered throughout my Instagram account. I photographed a friend’s house who used them and you can see that here.

      As far as application, we didn’t purchase extra underlayment. My husbands cut the planks at different lengths with his miter saw and trimmed the long edges, when needed, with his table saw. There aren’t specific blades you should use beyond wood blades, but you might need to switch out your blade during your remodel to make sure you’re using the sharpest blade. My husband makes sure his boards a tapped in super tight. Other than that, YouTube is our go to source of home improvement knowledge! Best of luck.

  • We just laidnthis floor in our living and dining rooms last weekend (I’m 100% in love) and we are trying to find transition pieces for where it meets the tile in the kitchen and hallways. Did you order yours from harmonics or were you able to find a suitable match without hassling with having them shipped?

    • Hi Cher! Yay for new floors! And I feel you on the transition piece question. Haha, we left a decent gap around the tile of our fire place for MONTHS because we were 1- lazy, but 2- non committed to ordering the harmonics transition pieces. We ended up going to Lowes or Home Depot and getting a light pine transition piece from another floor collection. It totally works, but I don’t think I’m sold on the contrasting look… Otherwise we didn’t have any luck trying to match it. So you might be best ordering it over the phone with them?

    • Hi Cher, we too have the Camden Oak throughout most of our house. We ended up ordering the transition pieces from Harmonics. They have a tool so you can easily convert them to transitionto different flooring (carpet or tile) all with one piece. Just make sure you have measured well and get a little extra just in case you make a bad cut or need to replace them in the future. It’s the same shipping no matter how much you get, so you don’t want to be short 1 piece! They also have matching caulking and something to help fill in gouges if that were to happen.
      We’ve had our floors in almost 2 years and love them! Kids, dogs and furniture moving…and no scratches. And I have to agree with what others have said: the color and the matte finish really hide the dog hair and dirt that gets tracked in!
      We actually just did our stairs with it as well (well, we had someone else install it…the stairs were more than we wanted to DIY 😉) And they turned out amazing!

  • I just noticed at Costco they seemed to have changed the Camden Oak Laminate to Newport Oak Laminate. Same price but the only difference is the 10mm is now 8mm. Same box & everything.

  • Hello! I happened upon your blog while searching for the harmonics flooring. Yours looks great! We recently put this same floor throughout most of our home. I am wondering what you clean them with? Soap and water? something else? I can’t find an answer other than to use the Harmonics cleaner (which is expensive). I’m not worried about the warranty, but I also don’t want to completely ruin them. Thank you so much!

  • Did you use transition pieces at any point other than the fireplace? Tying to figure out if we need to break it up at doorways or what…. 🤔

  • Help, we installed the Camden Oak in our 24 x 24 studio. We are moving a stand-alone fireplace and need 2 or 3 boxes of Camden Oak for the repairs. Any ideas where I can locate a few boxes?