Benjamin Moore Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Paint decisions kinda really suck. Normally, I just buy, paint and tell myself I love it, but with out kitchen cabinets, I just cant get there! My husband and I are in agreement that the lighting in the kitchen makes our cabinets look too blue. Therefore we Pinterested some Benjamin Moore black kitchen cabinet colors and bought another can of paint (impulsive much?).

While Pinteresting, Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron came up a few times. I thought it looked great in the pictures so I bought it! Yep. Without a sample. I’m going to go ahead and pull the “new baby less sleep” card on that decision. (How many of those do I get again?) I slapped a coat of it on the “trouble” cabinets to see what it looked like and we’ve been pondering since…

Here Cabinets before in Sherwin Williams Cyberspace (I have the lights on, because that’s when we really **see the blue**). It might still be hard to see depending on your computer screen.

Reviewing the cost and quality of our Solid Surface Counters (or Corian counters) |Petite Modern Life

Here are the cabinets with Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron (right side) shot on my iPhone, which gives a pretty good “in person” view of the color.




I know, call me crazy that it is hardly different, but it is right!? (Or just go with me on it..) Now the question is, is it different ENOUGH? Are we going to be satisfied? Does it need to be more black or will it look more solid once everything is painted. Here’s the catch, I’m not going to be painting them all again to find out. ;) We’re probably going to get some test colors to muck around with then either go with Wrought Iron or have the bucket tinted to a different color. My bucket of Benjamin Moore Advance was about $60, so we’re going to be cost efficient moving forward.

Back to the **lights on see blue** note. I’ve been reading about how different light bulbs affect paint color here + here and think I should go pick up some different bulbs to try in the overhead lights. Maybe some LEDs, something to produce a more natural/cool light, rather than warm, and see how that affects the colors I am seeing.

Since the color saga has commenced I’ve been on Pinterest far more than I’d like to admit, but I’ve found some Benjamin Moore black kitchen cabinet colors that have made me either more confident in my new choice of Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, or have me interested in testing out some other colors.

Let’s see what you think.

Benjamin Moore Midnight Oil

Benjamin Moore Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Simply Grove

Dark Black Cabinets (painted by manufacturer)

Benjamin Moore Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Lifestyle and Design Online

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Benjamin Moore Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors
The Inspired Room

Very Black

Benjamin Moore Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron
Benjamin Moore Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Benjamin Moore Mopboard Black

Benjamin Moore Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Apartment Therapy

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

Benjamin Moore Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Wit and Delight

So yes you see the dilemma now? So many beautiful colors to choose from. Such different lighting (and editing) to trick our eyes in online pictures. We’re just going to have to do our best to figure out what our kitchen needs! I’ll be updating you soon…


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  • We used BM Advance Black Satin and I was surprised it was not more jet black like our appliances. I see dark grey with a blue undertone. The sample swatch looked darker, of course! We are doing 2 tone, Simply White on uppers, black on lowers. I’ve already had some chipping after sanding, 2 coats SW gripper primer and 2-3 coats of Advance. Not happy about that! We however, didn’t have our primer tinted for the black bc we used it for the white too.

  • What color did you end up using? I love the black color kitchen picture from I am planning to use BM wrought iron for the guest room closet can’t make up my mind.

    • Hi Ramya! I guess I don’t know what picture from BHG you saw? I went with a premixed store can of Benjamin Moore Black! Although the wrought iron is so very pretty, I recommend it! It just came out too blue with our kitchen lighting and cabinets. But it will be much darker and richer in your closet :)

      • Thanks for your reply, I am still contemplating as to which color to choose as we have a dark (close to black) granite floor. I am also thinking of two tones kitchen I am going to try black and wrought iron on some old furniture that I have to see how I like outcome. The picture that I mentioned is in this post under very black. Will let you know which color I pick.

        • Good luck! One think I didn’t do initially was bring home Benjamin Moore’s large paper paint swatches! They’re huge and you just have to ask for them. Maybe even ask for a few of each of the colors your are going to try :)

  • I am having to pick a SW color based on my builder only uses SW paint colors. I read your post when I was researching SW Cyberspace. (plus a post by The Vintage Rug shop who loves how the color changes depending on the light).
    So I am debating between SW Cyberspace or Iron Ore. My kitchen window faces my neighbors wall/alley between our townhouses, so I don’t think I will get a lot of “bright sunlight” as The Vintage Rug post mentions, but if am I reading your post correctly you see the blue even at night due to your kitchen ceiling lights?

    I have a solution for you though. (It’s the solution I want for myself, but my builder refuses to color match.)
    The cabinet paint color you are looking for is:

    Behr Ultra Premium Plus Cracked Pepper #PPU18-1

    It’s the color on my walls right now and its basically the exact color but without the blue… your welcome! enjoy!