Fireplace Makeover?

I’ve been debating a fireplace makeover since we moved into our house. On the one side, I (and my husband) think the red is a decent soft color that hasn’t called for emergency action…

Fireplace makeover plans: Red to white on Petite Modern Life

On the other side, I, not yet my husband, (as with most my crazy decor ideas) think the room would look gorgeous with a white fireplace! Here are my renders of what this could look like. They came out a little gray in areas, but I kind of like the look of a gray + white wash look?

Fireplace makeover plans: Red to white on Petite Modern Life

The wood mantle, in the first picture, was there when we moved in and we just haven’t done anything with it. It’s bulky, cracking, and not quite the style I’d want if I were to go with a mantle. The no mantle look is kind of nice! The hearth settee I suppose is a bit different than the modern boxed-in hearth. Would that make a big difference in the look?

What my husband and I have agreed on is a floor to ceiling wood storage unit! I think it would look great in black (but don’t I think that about everything?)

Fireplace makeover plans: Red to white on Petite Modern Life

The space seriously beckons for this to become a reality. Now we just need a fun print + greenery to brighten the room up!

Fireplace makeover plans: Red to white on Petite Modern Life

What do you think? No mantle and just a picture frame? Or would a long narrow mantle be nice? Here’s what the room would look like with white curtains.

Fireplace makeover plans: Red to white on Petite Modern Life

My husband really wanted curtains in the room so we threw up our dark IKEA ones we’ve had around for a few years. They need to be hemmed, but I’m not sure they’re the right look for the space. Eventually I could see getting cordless, top-down-bottom-up, blinds in this large window so we could have street privacy and light. What options do you think would be great for this space?

While I was playing with these pictures in Photoshop, I decided to try out another wall color next to the fire place. Gray is an easy one to start with. It was hard to render a lighter gray into the picture, but this dark grey allows the white fire place to stand out a little more.

Fireplace makeover plans: Red to white on Petite Modern Life

Now, I’m pretty fond of my black + white/grey scheme, but how bout we have a little fun for a moment. :)

These colors would definitely make a statement! And I surprise myself by kinda liking them. I’m not sure how long I’d tolerate them in the living space, but in a bedroom this could be fun on a wall with white faux brick or a white built in shelves!

Now that you’ve got to play around with my fireplace makeover dreams, lets look at some people who have already committed to a new fireplace look that fits perfectly with  their style!

bhg white fireplace
Photo from BHG

Gorgeous fully painted white brick fireplace with gold accents from BHG.

House Tweaking's White Fireplace
Photo By Dana from House Tweaking

Dana’s house has had an incredible renovation that you can check out here. Her white fireplace fits perfect with her white walls and dark floor.

Smitten Studio // White Fireplace
Photo by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel, from Smitten Studio, has a cabin makeover that you must see. Her sweet white fireplace makes the space so fresh and inviting.

bhg white fireplace
Photo from BHG

This white fireplace looks so elegant along with the neutral creams + woods in this room.

Young House Love Whitewash Fireplace
Photo by Young House Love

Young House Love did a simple white wash over their expansive fireplace.

Dwell Beautiful Fireplace makeover
Photo by Erica // Dwell Beautiful

Erica, from Dwell Beautiful, did a solid white over her brick fireplace that completely transformed her space.

White Buffalo Styling Co.
Photo by White Buffalo Styling Co.

Lastly, this fireplace from White Buffalo Styling Co. was painted black after previously being white. It’s so fun and bold, though it might be a little much for our large fireplace.

What do you guys think? There’s no going back after painting over a brick fireplace and that weighs heavy on my mind. But the fun + look I’d love if we did paint it makes me giddy!

Fireplace makeover plans: Red to white on Petite Modern Life

If you have a white fireplace send me a picture on Petite Modern Life’s Facebook page!!

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  • Do it!!!! Not a total white-out, but a whitewash ‘fo ‘sho. I think it’ll make your space look insanely brighter and bigger. I was going to yell paint it black at you but I agree, it’s probably a bit much for y’alls FP. As far as a mantel, I like it without but I also think a chunky wooden one situated off-center may be pretty cool. And I love the black wood storage too, that and a wood mantel would bring in the industrial/wood vibe y’all have in the kitchen already.

  • I love white washed bricks! Mmmm, maybe a black steel wood storage insert up to 2/3 height or just below a mantle… If you want a chunky hunk of wood for a mantle give M a call. He’s always hauling home parts of trees to chainsaw mill!

  • Thanks for the shout out :) A lot of people freak out over painting brick, but I don’t see the harm in it – a white fireplace is classy! And I actually really peachy wall color with your setup – I think that could be fun! You could always paint it back if you get tired of it :) And I’m with Em – some sort of chunky, natural edge wood slab could be an awesome mantel!

  • I love the idea of painting it!! My vote is a solid white…not white washed. The log cabinet would be a fabulous addition. As for mantle or no mantle…..I like both so I’m not much help….lol. A nice print or art installation of sorts would be perfect as you have it shown. But if you do consider a mantle I would do a big chunky single straight piece of wood. Like a 4×4 but larger….weathered and stained….would look great. And the wall colour….again I love both options so depends on what mood you want. White = light and airy. Grey = more cozy. I can’t wait to see the finished results!!

  • I’d have a substantial mantel there, because it’s such an easy location to instantly change the whole theme of your room with the seasons, and your moods.

    Anyhow, congrads on painting it all white as it looks WAYYYYY better. I love it as it is, really, in terms of looks, but from a practical point of view, I’d do that mantel.