Chalkboard Inspiration + Yard Talk

Chalkboard Inspiration

February is here and when the rain finally stopped I could smell SPRING! That and I have many tulips or daffodils springing up in my very unkempt yard/mud hole!

…I honestly do try to keep the backyard out of focus in pictures. We took out a tree and ground the stump, leaving a large mess over the non-existent grass. That, and last summer I took out most the plants to widen the substantial space that is actually back there. Oh and our pup runs through, lays on, and tears out any other existing plants I might’ve had… Lucky for me I’m not a huge plant person. And if I become one someday they can stay in the front yard out of harms way :) The yard does have a future though! In 2 months or so, with the help of family and those who are way (which doesn’t take much) more knowledgeable in matters of dirt, plants, and the like, we’ll be leveling + tearing out + seeding the whole thing!

What are your tips when in comes to re-landscaping a yard? Have you read any great posts about it? Money saving advice? Please do share! And I’ll share some pictures of our yard conundrum + dreams soon.

Now onto chalkboards. (Throw me a line here connecting these two random trains of thought.) When the months change I like to challenge myself to give my chalkboards a fresh look. I love referring to my Design/type Pinterest board for new chalkboard inspiration. I don’t consider myself an artist, but I figure I should practice good + clever typography/design so that it might become natural someday and flow through more of my projects.

I drew my recent inspiration from these two images. Click on them to see the beautiful stores from which they’re sold!

| bath soak by milk + honey |
| print by Katie Kime |

I love the branding design of that bath soap… I drool. I tried it out with different words that would fit into our living area… Starting with “Abode.” Its a lovely, cozy, feel good word. Then I defined it in the simplest terms I could think of for our abode: love, fur (for the 4 legged family members), and couches (which are the coziest places to be in our home. If we’re on a couch we’re not working, we’re enjoying each other’s company, and usually watching a good movie while eating scrumptious dinner (because we can.)

Chalkboard Inspiration for the Home

Mmm black + white. I love it. P.s. If you want more information about this DIY noncommittal chalkboard wall, check out this post.

Chalkboard Inspiration for the Home

No. 17 For the day we got married on. Seattle, Wa because that’s where us two lovers met.

Next, I have a chalkboard above Mr. G’s computer that usually represents the current month in some way. For January I went with mountains and coffee with a fun font combination…

Chalkboard Art | Petite Modern Life
For February, I’m feeling those Swedish cross vibes with a splash of Valentine’s Day love.

Chalkboard Inspiration for the Home

Chalkboard Inspiration for the Home

And that cute print idea about the old fashioned drink ? I added it to our little “bar” industrial shelf for fun.

Chalkboard Inspiration for the Home

I’ve started a Chalkboard inspiration board that I’ve been adding ideas too here and there that you should check out for more ideas. Hope you’re enjoying February friends :)

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