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Friday Friday. Were at 5 days of rain here in the lovely Seattle area. At some point you just put on your rain boots (or wellies?? That’s what they say on the East Coast right?), waterproofish jacket and go out in it! (Then spend about 20 minutes drying off the sopping pup ;) I guess that’s what you get here in the winter…

To fight the effects of the wet, gray weather, I like to look at bright, beautiful spaces. This space is in the residence of Sarah Sherman Samuel, whom I’ve already mentioned that I adore. I love that huge circle mirror! The light and stained wood pieces look beautiful against all the white accents. I think the floor to ceiling subway tile only around the immediate sink area is gorgeous.

Smitten Studio // Sarah Sherman Samuel // Bathroom Update

Photo by Sarah Sherman Samuel on Smitten Studio

Last weekend I made a late Saturday night run to Ikea, about two hours before they closed. Have you ever gone at that time? It’s my favorite time to go. No traffic, less visitors, and home by nine to start assembling the goods. While I was there I cruised past a new section I hadn’t seen before: Ikea’s paper supply! It was probably good that I didn’t peruse it then and there or my receipt would’ve been much longer when I left!  How fun would it be to gather together some of their very Scandinavian pieces to fill your office space?


photo by Esmerelda’s

This living room would cure all my rainy days blues. I’d curl up on those adorably simple pillow patterns and the sheepskins.

Little Lessy home

Photo by Allessia Imbrogno on Little Lessy

On a whim I decided to look up what the Ork Poster company was coming up with recently. I have one of their Seattle neighborhoods maps in our bathroom and I love the design and brightness (mostly from it’s size) that it brings to the space. Now they have way more cities represented as well as a full USA map! How cool is that!


Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 8.41.20 PM

Print from Ork Posters

Lastly, this print from Urban Outfitter’s apartment section is just too cute. I love it every time I see it.


Print from Urban Outfitters

What’s been on your home dream list recently? For me, a completed bathroom! My husband has declared that tiling is much harder than he expected. (But he’s still doing an incredible job as always :) I hope you all found some sort of sunshine in your life this week :) Even if it’s not the UV type.

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  • I REALLY want to get working on our bathroom. We’ve done a few small things recently just because I’d been hoarding the supplies for too long. But there’s so much more. Right now the focus is all over the place. We spent a long time unsure of our finances so 2.5 years later we’re really just beginning. It’s frustrating. So frustrating that a full out face plant on that furry rug looks TDF.

    • It’s a really hard place to be in, wanting to do all the DIY for your home, but knowing that DIY is still quite expensive at times. Especially when it comes to full on bathroom remodeling. We too want to do a huge reno on our master bath, but really need to sit down and make a cost sheet to specifically guide + curb us during the process. I hope you can narrow your scope and feel confident about a space or two, then methodically save and move towards those other DIY adventures :)