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Happy Friday everyone! There are so many beautiful things on the www that I decided to gather some weekly favorites I’ve spotted on Instagram, Pinterest, and other blogs to share with you in one place. Everything beautiful can be inspiration for that next project. Try to see past “expensive, “famous,” and “complicated,” and instead see the ideas, tactics, and creativity that you could put into action in your own home. Welcome to my favorite things Friday.

This wall lamp is beautiful and graceful. Something like this could be made with simple pipe fittings spray painted black with an exposed cord that plugs directly into the wall.


I love following graphic designer accounts on Pinterest and Instagram. This company, Miir, creates beautiful bottles with graphics that inspire my chalkboard art and typography. I love this trio of bottles I found on their Instagram account. White + simple graphics + wood = swoon.

miir logos

Mmm gold shears. These have been on my wishlist for a while, but it’s hard to justify buying gold scissors when you have 4 pairs+ of normal scissors. So I suppose these will have to wait on my gift-wish list a little longer.. (Valentines Day sweetie?)gold shears

This space. It’s nice to find a gorgeous space that doesn’t have white floors (can I get an amen?). In fact, it surprising how bright this space is with dark floors, black accent wall, and black curtains. Albeit, the windows and ceiling are gigantic. But what a beautiful color combo: Black, camel, and white. This could tie into our sitting room phenomenally. Noted.


photo from Bank maken | KARWEI

I found this image on a self proclaimed “coffee observer’s” blog. There was a large image attached that seemed available for download. What a fun print this would be in your house (Seattle dweller or not.) I’m obsessed with coffee, mountains, and Seattle so I actually sketched the image onto one of my chalkboards and it’s so fun.


Chalkboard Art | Petite Modern Life

photo by Karisa Grimstad

Lastly, this room was recently revealed by The Hunted Interior. She made the fabulous “live edge” headboard out of a basic pine board.. It’s so genius, I wish I would’ve thought of it. The room itself is just gorgeous.. Once again incorporating camel, white & black. You already know that I’m ok with painting things black, now I want to go further with it. It’s funny, I either want my walls 100% white or black. I suppose I’m not a gray person like I thought I was a few years ago.


I hope you enjoyed these inspiring pictures. Happy Friday.

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