DIY Copper Captain’s Mirror

This past summer I fell in love with the captain’s mirror (or sailor mirror). I came very close to buying an adorable one on sale at Potter Barn Kids, but couldn’t quite place it in the budget at that time. However, once I saw this beautifully done tutorial on making one with an Ikea Grundtal Mirror, I started plotting.. I finally bought the mirror from Ikea and painted it copper.

Then I debated how I wanted to hang it, leather or rope? If rope, then what would be the best way to attach it? Then one day I was at Lowes looking in their rope accessories section and saw small boat cleats for ~$1.50. That was it! I knew they’d perfectly glue to the sides AND they’d look great with a thinner rope fashioned around them in a cleat hitch. I bought 9ft of black nylon rope and three cleats for a whopping $9.

DIY Captain's Mirror with cleats

I lined the mirror with paper(tape underneath) and spray painted it with Rustoleum’s Hammered Copper Spray Paint. {I have Rustoleum’s Metallic Copper Spray paint coming in the mail, which will probably be brighter. I’ll do a comparison for you when it arrives.) Then I took the two cleats and hot glued them to the sides.

Why do I have the image over my thumb nail?? Well, about 2 months ago I fully shut my thumb in a car door. Ouuuch. Recently the nail fell off and I’m regrowing something that resembles a finger nail, but not quite.. And since I have to take pictures with my right hand, I’m having a hard time covering up the grossness, thus the image. Your welcome! ;)

After I glued the cleats on and decided where I would hang the mirror on the wall. The mirror actually mounts to the wall and the rope is purely decoration, not weight bearing. I found the right spot for the upper cleat and screwed it into the wall, then wrapped the rope around it and the side cleats using the cleat hitch.

I ended up cutting off about 2 inches of rope on either side and searing the fraying ends with a lighter before tucking them up.

DIY Captain's Mirror

Fun fact about myself: Throughout high school I worked as a deckhand on Paraclete Charters, a boat taxi in the San Juan Islands. We’d take people to their homes on private islands; see killer whales, seals, and porpoises; and experience the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. It was the most beautiful job I could’ve asked for growing up! Hence, the boat cleats in this project make me feel happy and nostalgic :) Do you boat? Have you been to the San Juans? Share your stories with me in the comments below!

DIY Captain's Mirror

DIY Captain's Mirror

DIY Captain's Mirror

DIY Captain's Mirror

Moose, our Australian Shepherd pup, is 7 months old now!! He wasn’t thrilled to be in the shoot to say the least. (Check out my instagram feed on the side to see all the tricks he’s learned and the lovely adventures we’ve had!)

DIY Captain's Mirror

He’s a handsome pumpkin weighing in at over 47lbs right now (& still growing)!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY copper captain’s mirror tutorial! $38 for the mirror; $9 for the spray paint; $9 for the accessories = $56

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