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Dear friends, I’ve recently fallen in love with Urban Outfitters’ “Apartment” selection. There are so many great pieces! I hardly know where to start…or stop.

In our house, I keep going back and forth with what and how much should be up on our walls. I don’t want it to be cluttered, but I do want it to be fun and interesting. As I looked through Urban Outfitters I realized I’ve had a narrow view of what is available for wall decor. It’s not just pictures and floating ledges, there are banners, tapestries, fun shelves, and other varied eye candy out there! Some of my favorites are as follows..

arrows down

Urban Decor | Petite Modern Life

I’m totally crushing on all these items! The removable wallpaper could be a lot of fun on small wall. There are maybe two places I could pull it off in the public area. They have a few other awesome patterns (antlers and feathers anyone?) at Urban that would make for a difficult wallpaper decision when it came down to it.  These two art prints are so fresh and stylin. I’d love to see them in light wood frames. Then there’s that pyramid shelf with copper metal or paint (I don’t really care which)! Let’s face it, I’m loving the copper trend right now too. I read on some interior designer’s blog recently that he was all about mixing metals in houses and in the same room, and I’m going to jump on that too! Freedom. Yes. Following the copper trend, the curtain hooks are RAD. Finally, what do you think of that hanging banner? Do I need to say I think it’s great? ok. I think it’s GREAT. I think I’ll feel young for a long time, but that would be a nice reminder on an off day.  ;)

Well I hope you like the selection above and can forgive me in advance if you find yourself scouring Urban for the next 2 hours making your Christmas wishlist.  I’ll be posting more of my favorites from them soon I can assure you. Hopefully some will actually end up in my house!

Happy Weekend Ya’ll.

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