Honeycomb Mirrors

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a few weeks, I know. We’ve been working on things, but nothing of great notice. We’re mostly attempting to finish all those previously “done” projects. Recently, however, I put a house party, at our house, on the calendar and that gave us some real UMPH to get things finished and decorated around here! Thus the snowball effect happened and all sorts of things are underway again! Yay! That means more things to share with you, my friends.  A while back I made this post about styling our entryway. I went ahead and did something that kinda sorta took into consideration those ideas. It’s not finished, and might not be forever, but its kinda glam and fun! Enter, Honefoss honeycomb mirrors from Ikea.

Honefoss Mirrors

I forget where I stumbled upon them first, but the hexagons, combined with the ability to position them however you wan,t combined with mirrors- caught my attention. I thought the two tone colors fit with our couch and stainless steel appliances in the adjoining kitchen -and they’re $14 for a set of 10. I bought and used 2.

Honefoss Mirrors | Petite Modern Life

Minus the one already on the wall during this picture, this was the pattern I had laid out in two tries. For whatever reason, probably mostly because I didn’t let myself over think it (or maybe I’m really a geometric genius..) I was sold on this pattern.  So I measured it tallest height and widest width and found its place on the wall (off center to my liking). I used my level and chalk to mark out where the first one should go and stuck it on using the double stick adhesives they came with. After putting about 8 on the wall I become more & more petrified that my spacing wasn’t perfect…. Story of my life. So I peeled them..all..off. All for the benefit of getting to tell YOU that they’re a B to pry off, BUT they don’t take off wall paint and any wall stuck adhesives came right off with friction applied by my fingers. You’re welcome.

The next morning (I had to sleep that one off ;) My engineer husband decided to help make perfection happen.

Honefoss Mirrors | Petite Modern Life

Oooonly to discover his worse nightmare… The edges and angles ARE NOT all the same.. Thank you Ikea!.. If you turn them around a couple times you can eventually find the most similar angle and side to what you need. We liked the wider gaps, about a 1/2 inch between all the pieces. There was one hexagon though that had an almost visibly shorter side than all the other 19. That one got put on the end and can’t be noticed.

Honefoss Mirrors | Petite Modern Life

Honefoss Mirrors | Petite Modern Life

What do you think? This is a great option for rentals as it removes easily and can be refit to your changing desires. Mr. G thought we could have even made a covert chemistry element… Then we were way too tired to think that much. Haha, that’s what happens with late night projects. That, and I swore never to do chemistry late into the night (/ever) again after college.

I need to decide what to put on the other side of the mirrors near the door. Or perhaps it’s better blank? Your thoughts? {ps. the rug was also an Ikea find. $14 for a 4×6′ rug! }

Looking forward to sharing what else is coming along with you soon!

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