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Industrial Modern Office Inspiration Board

After my last style board post (here)Andrew mentioned that he was moving into a studio apartment and had a similar look in mind for the office in his new space and that he’d be interested in picking my brain further about it. Well, my brain started picking itself. Immediately.  I wanted to find specific options to complete an industrial look without breaking the bank. Ikea was a natural start for many items. Craigslist in another fantastic spot to start searching for metal, iron, and other vintage pieces that fit this style. All in all, the pieces I have pictured above come out to approximately $564. For an idea of office spaces I dream of at night, check these out.

Below: See where I found the components in the inspiration board. Then see some more plans and inspiration I drew up for the whole studio!

Curtains:  An Ikea style that is now not for sale, but easily replicated with white curtains and paint. Target sells these heavy white curtains, great for painting. Buy fabric or acrylic paint at the craft store in your aqua/mint color of choice and paint away!

Approx Cost: $38

Industrial Curtain Rod: Can be hung from the wall or ceiling! A great option if you want to put it above a window hide your bed area in the studio. See how I made one here

Cost: $35

Wall Lamp: Cool modern look with exposed components.  For more of a steel look see  this clamp on lamp.

Cost: $19

Magnetic Chalkboard: Write with mint chalk for another accent pop. For more industrial look. Here is a simple magnetic silver board.

Cost: $15

Seattle Print: In other colors, but with the mint here. Pretty sick print. Usually has to be custom framed because of its unusual size (I own one and had it custom framed.) or just pin it up on the wall for free. Can be purchased in University Village or online.

Cost: $27

Metal Magazine/File Organizer: Ikea is an inexpensive place to buy a wall organizer like this. It would be an opportunity to add folders or clipboards in your accent color, leather, or wood.   If you want a deeper, metal texture look color, you can use Rustoleum Hammered Spray Paints in black or brown. This is a great option to use on anything you find that you want to style industrial! For $40 more you can get a solid wall organizer from Ballard Designs as I’ve shown here.

Cost: $10

Throw Blanket: Finishing a look in a space can be as easy as adding a throw blanket and classy pillow. I love this modern lined cozy looking one from Ikea.


Desk: Create your own industrial modern desk with just a drill as your tool. First, order your own harirpin legs here. Then measure out how big you want your desk to be, go to Lowes, and have them cut a pre sanded plywood sheet to that size for you. Bring it home and assemble!

Cost: $64

Chair: This is a very popular chair you can buy on Overstock without paying the full designer price. However, you still have to purchase a set instead of just one. You could place the second chair by your bed or use with other modern, industrial or wood chairs in an eclectic dining nook. You can also keep an eye on craigslist for industrial modern looking chairs or find a metal folding chair and spray paint it to your liking! In a small studio, I think an attractive office chair will go a long ways in styling your space.

Cost: $149

Rugs: A rug is where you can make a real statement in your studio. This mint rug has a lovely, but not too busy, pattern and nice flat texture. The price is a steal in the rug world.  If this one seems too bright for a small space I have highlighted two other gorgeous rugs in gray here & hereI also love the look of layering rugs. Add a sheepskin throw below on on top of your office chair for a sophisticated look.  

Cost: $141 // $29

Painted File Cabinet: If it fits into your studio, this could be an awesome piece. Find one on Craigslist, and paint it an industrial or mint accent color. Here’s a great tutorial on how to paint one!

Approx Cost:  $30

Total: $564      (-taxes and -shipping)

studio layout ideas and inspiration Legend

Option #1 with dining table next to couch and small shelf and mirror between kitchen and bathroom doors.
Option #1 with dining table next to couch and small shelf and mirror between kitchen and bathroom doors.
Option #2 with dining table in between the kitchen and bathroom door and a small shelf and mirror next to couch.
Option #2 with dining table in between the kitchen and bathroom door and a small shelf and mirror next to couch.
Studio Apartment Layout Option
Layout Idea for Studio Apartment
Studio office wall
Office Wall Idea for Studio Apartment

From these two looks:

// Stockholm Wood Chair // Dining Table // sailor’s mirror // shelf // Large Floor Lamp // Bar Cart // Magnetic Storage // Flip Clock // 

I like having the sleeper sofa against the window ledge because then you open up an entire wall for office/media center space. The kitchen might feel too crowded with a table in it and bringing the table into the living space would make it easier to eat and have company over. If the coffee table was sized right, it could fit under the desk when the sleeper sofa is pulled out.

It was fun challenging my brain to think in small space terms while still fitting in all the needs of a home in a minimalist way.  End thoughts: have a varied amount of textures (leather and wood look great with industrial metals) and add mirrors and hang curtains extra high to make the illusion of more space. You can also use floating shelves (like these metal ones) for interesting objects or practical storage use. Finally, make the space yours. Look at inspiring pictures and ask yourself WHY you like it and emulate that answer into your living style.

I hope you enjoyed this second segment of room inspiration! If you have a space you’re trying to plan, please send requests my way!

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