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Modern, Affordable Rugs for Your Home

Where to Find Value Rugs

I recently realized our fun, modern,white shag rug was just not meshing well with our family. It had collected too much dirt to easily pull out aaand the puppy (on the occasions where we failed as parents) found it to be a suitable grass like pee area. Therefore, the spot under the coffee table was vacant for a good while. I didn’t think it was awful, but then you could see the wild dust bunnies enjoying their freedom  and it seemed like it lacked a bit of cozy.

Then it was the 4th of July. Which meant…

rugs usa sale

I found out back in January that RugsUSA tends to do its biggest sale the week of the 4th of July. (However, they are ALWAYS running some sort of a sale, and have the bigger sales on all the holidays, so don’t feel like you’ve missed out!) Rugs are one of those things I can’t seem to justify buying at full price. And they are so very expensive.  So naturally, when I saw the deals for the first time at RugsUSA, I thought it was a scam. But after Googling around and seeing some trusted bloggers rave about their affordable rugs, I was all in. It’s quite overwhelming the amount of rugs that are on this site. If you don’t go in with something specific in mind you’ll end up like I first did with 50 tabs open of “ooo I kinda like that one too!”

I suggest going to your pinterest boards of home interiors and cuing into the spaces you generally like and noting the rugs that they use. Are they calming, bright, patterned, neutral, oriental, shag, flat woven, etc.? It’s ok to go with what is popular and in (chevron anyone?), but if what consistently grabs your attention and pins is a calm neutral room with a cream flat woven rug invest in that instead!

Here are some pins of interiors from my favorite Pinterest Board


And here are some similar rugs I found (and could seriously buy them all…) on RugsUSA.

modern and affordable rugs

Chalet Herringbone Cotton Flatwoven Grey Rug // Serendipity Devour Cowhide White Rug // Satara Insignia Chevron Teal Rug // Shag Double Sheepskin with Faux Backing Natural Rug // Moroccan Diamond Shag Grey Rug // Elegance Cotton Striped VST7 Rug //

I should mention that these rugs are 50%-80% off their original price.  The last one in the list was originally $696.00 and is now $130  for a 5’x8 ‘with FREE shipping.  That’s a great deal for a sweet rug!

We got the Sierra Paddle Rug in grey. It has a sweet, but not overwhelming design that doesn’t take away from the rest of my lounge room. It’s not scratchy and came in great shape. I also bought the non skid pad with it from RugsUSA. The pads don’t seem to go on sale, but the price was good, especially with the free shipping, and I knew it would fit the rug perfectly.

Petite Modern Life|Affordable Rugs Petite Modern Life|Affordable Rugs Petite Modern Life|Affordable Rugs Moose|Black Tri Australian Shepherd

Taking pictures without animals in it is next to impossible in my house. So after sending them all to my husband about 20 times, I finally let this little nugget come into the (his) spotlight.

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  • Reply Erica

    Love love love the rug and how the lounge is coming along!! I agree – rugs are so darn expensive, but I’m glad there are places like Rugs USA to give us a chance to get awesome ones! And puppy is getting so big! Ah!

    July 18, 2014 at 10:17 pm
    • Reply Petite Modern Life

      Thanks Erica! He’s getting ginormous and I love it! haha. Such a little bear cub. You two will have to hang out sometime again soon!

      July 19, 2014 at 7:42 pm
  • Reply Inspiration for Andrew's Studio Apartment

    […] seems too bright for a small space I have highlighted two other gorgeous rugs in gray here & here. I also love the look of layering rugs. Add a sheepskin throw below on on top of your office […]

    August 8, 2014 at 4:32 am
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