Freebie Friday // Spring Mint Printables

Spring Mint Printables


So now that I’ve realized I have the software means of making those dream photo prints I’ve always wanted, the sky is the limit! That is, my ‘creative’ mind is the limit.When creating these pictures  I make a point of not scanning pinterest for something to replicate- I do believe that is called plagiarism, or at least creative cheating. I do draw inspiration from images/artwork that have been imprinted on my mind, so I’m not claiming to be absolutely original or anything. I also hope to make things YOU want. So drop hints. Colors. Patterns. Flavors. Quotes. Seasons. This is fun for me! I only wish my house was in this stage of decorating so I could share my ideas of how/where to display these images.. So without further ado, here is a collection of Minty Spring prints as requested by Ms. Sam M. Hope you enjoy them!


*Disclaimer: I’m not a graphic designer, but I’m trying to learn more about design and the like, so hopefully the images only get better!


Petite Modern Life: Mint Dashes Printable   Petite Modern Life: Mint Arrow Printable   Petite Modern Life: Mint Triangles Printable   etite Modern Life: Seattle Neighborhoods Printable


Happy Weekend Everyone!!


ps. I think the Seattle one could look cooler.. Maybe it’s just too dark. I’m open to suggestions!


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