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We have an offer on the Murphy House! Although it is a short sale, the process is near completion for various reasons, and we may close by the end of this month. Very exciting! And yes, very quick. I imagined we would still be looking for the “perfect home” these next few months, but the price was right and they house continued to grow on us so we made the offer. With each passing step, we’re itching to be out of our apartment space and in our own house! We’ve been talking more about the remodeling that we’d like to do on the house and I’d like to share some of our inspiration behind the ideas!

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kitchen remodel inspiration

What we don’t enjoy: If you’ve seen the pictures, you’ll see that the kitchen isn’t distasteful. In fact, most the kitchen appears to be new. The materials, however, are very cheap. The counters and cabinet exteriors are both laminate, and upon a closer look, not well finished or very stunning. We also don’t dig how the dark cabinets make the kitchen feel kind of cave like. The cave look also has to do with the immense light fixture the builder or previous owners had installed in the ceiling. They had to drop the kitchen ceiling almost a foot to fit it in. That is a lot of lost space in your average 8 foot tall rambler! And oh yes, the green paint has met its end.

What we do enjoy: The lovely sink and the subway tile!

What we want to do: We plan on excavating this cave. Since the cabinets are unpaintable, they will be put up on Craiglist and we will be buying white cabinets (or wood ones and painting them white ourselves.) Once removed we’ll wage war on the light and the lowered ceiling. We’re not sure if once removed we’ll be exposed to the attic or the ceiling.. Either way, we will be installing a skylight or two in the ceiling to make it feel more spacious and bring in more natural light. Like this kitchen for example.

Next, we’re hoping to remove the wall between the kitchen and entry room, creating a bar or island, as you will, and a more open floor plan. Like this picture, we would have to leave at least two beams for structural support. Depending on where the support lies, their might also have to be a third.

I love this idea because I like to be able to prepare dinner or be in the kitchen without missing out on what else is happening in the house. Mr. G and I are also not fond of having two separate living/entertaining spaces where you usually choose one over the other. Instead we thought we could create a better flow and usage between our living room and family room via an open kitchen and bar.

After the demolition is done and patched up, the cabinets can be put in. I’ve been dreaming the last year of floating shelves on my future kitchen wall. No cabinets, just hearty wood shelves. I was so excited about it that I even took the doors off two of my apartment kitchen cabinets (note to self: replace upon moving out..)! I think it’s refreshing, easy to access, and adds a practical decorative look to a kitchen. Mr. G has some serious doubts that we’ll have enough storage space in this small kitchen without upper cabinets. To help my case, I’ve looked into kitchen organization and took inventory of everything in my current kitchen. Check out my post {Organization Inspiration Sensation: Kitchen} for more on that. Today I’m just going to put up my top inspiring kitchen looks.

House Tweaking: I love her range hood. We checked one out while touring Lowes the other day and Mr. G approved! I love how in housetweaking’s blog she mentions that the fan works as baby soother too. Double score. (Also I love her tastes in decor and how she lays it all out.)

The Inspired Room: Her open cabinet with paneled back next to a closed cabinet is a nice compromise between floating shelves and cabinets. I also love how she opened her kitchen up in her remodel. Check her out!

Vintage Revivals: has just about exactly what I’m going for. Her shelves are beautiful. We want to do similar white cabinets with dark counters. Check out her post “Alicia’s Kitchen Renovation Reveal” to get a glimpse of how our renovation process might look. Kind of scary, but really exciting!

Once the kitchen is back in it’s place, and before the shelves go up, we’ll repaint, add some more tile here and there, add under cabinet lights, can lights, and refloor it along with the rest of the house. It’ll be a process to be sure, but I’m excited to get my hands in it, learn a ton, help my hubby, and share with ya’ll!

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