Parenting Tips for the Anxious Mom

Last weekend I took a shower (always a highlight), put on makeup and a dress (what?!), bought myself flowers and said, “babe you’re going to take some feminine pictures of me because I  feel beautiful.” Have you ever done that?! Do it! Just do it. In fact, if you’re north of Seattle, WA email me at and I’ll do them for you! I even threw something clean on my kiddos and got spring pictures of them.

They’re pretty adorable. And even though every picture of my son is right after my husband chased him down and literally threw him, laughing hysterically, next to his sister only to have him jump up and run off 10 seconds later, I managed to get a few suitable pics of them together.

Since there were no tears and tantrums (from kids or mama), I deemed the shoot a success.

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