7th Wedding Anniversary 24 Hour Getaway – Airbnb Eastern Washington

7th Wedding Anniversary 24 hour GetawayToday Michael and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary, and 10 years of knowing/being together. Yes, you read that right, we pretty much met, started dating, and got married instantaneously. We barely met the drinking age at our wedding, still had a few years of college left, and both had a whole lot of growing up to do.  The first couple years of our marriage were exciting with our Seattle adventures, kittens, a Cali road trip, the best friend group imaginable, and just being young adults together. The first couple years were also the hardest of marriage, leaving us both wondering many nights what in the world we had gotten ourselves into. If it weren’t for our amazing church community walking real life with us every (seemingly repetitive) step of the way, believing in our lifelong commitment to each other, and ultimately Christ’s never ending, never failing, perpetually rescuing grace for us two messy-as-all-get-out people, we might have been another young marriage statistic. 

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