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    Baby Boy Basics for Fall

    I love little baby man clothes. Now that Reuben has outgrown most of the sweetly gifted clothes from the baby showers, I’ve been looking to create a bit of a baby fall/winter “capsule wardrobe” you might call it. Basic colors, fun designs, and nothing that says “handsome like daddy” on it. You understand right? I really just wanted some plain black, white, and gray bodysuits and accessories. But they were SO hard to find. That is until I finally encountered the following items for a great price. Score. Continue reading…


    What’s Up(stairs)?

    Haha. I’m so punny. Must have had a little extra caffeine in my coffee today. ;)
    The other morning I picked up my house for company and I thought, “why not take some pictures of the upstairs to share with my readers?” I don’t generally take pictures of “unfinished” spaces, but we do so much life up here and I haaaave repainted every nook and cranny, that it may as well be “finished” to some extent. What it’s missing is some personal touches with pictures and shelves, but that just hasn’t been on the radar yet. Continue reading…

    This grilled pizza is probably the best way to make homemade pizza. Never mushy, no matter how many delicious toppings you use! |Petite Modern Life

    Favorite Grilled Pizza Recipe

    The end of summer comes with the grand finale of Labor Day weekend. Still grill-outs will be happening in our house with gusto probably through October and beyond if only for pizza. Yes. This grilled pizza recipe gets us every single time. A pizza on the grill just can’t be beat. Continue reading…

    DIY Custom Floating Shelves with a natural finish and heavy weight bearing design.

    Custom Floating Shelves

    Since our kitchen reveal, we’ve had a few requests for a tutorial for our custom floating shelves. I’ve wanted to share, then realized that I’m lacking quite a few process photos and, I’ll be honest, there were two points in our shelf building process where we went “hmm… how do you want to solve that?” It’s true! But I think that is a very real part of Do It Yourself projects (at least with ours). So with that in mind, let us begin! (Michael will be writing most of the following btw.) Continue reading…