Diy Beauty and the Beast Family Halloween Costumes

I’ve said it before, I LOVE dressing up! AND making my family dress up along with me. I’m currently sporting a mehhh 74.6% bare minimum cooperation rate with the other 3, but I’ll take it! This year, in honor of my absolute favorite Disney Princess movie of all time, we did Diy Beauty and the Beast Family Halloween Costumes! Since the release of the new real life Beauty and the Beast movie, it has become my most re-watched/background movie of the year. I’ve always loved the brunette, country, bookworm princess and have frolicked many a childhood day dressed and singing just like her. When I realized that in my closet I had the makings of her entire villager outfit (princess at heart ya’ll) it was a done deal and I knew I had to make each family member part of the Beauty and the Beast crew!

I ultimately decided on Michael as Gaston, Reuben as the Beast, and Ava as Chip! Next up was brainstorming their wardrobe pieces. For me that involves a lot of Google image scrolling and perusing Amazon! Once I’ve saved a favorite image for each character I set to planning how I’m going to make each costume for the least amount of money possible. This year I decided to see if I could purchase everything at the super Walmart and I did (holy cow that place is a gold mine!)

But let’s start with the finished look before I share all my “secrets” and “lessons learned.” (Haha, because there are ALWAYS those.)

Diy Beauty and the Beast Family Halloween Costumes

DIY Beauty and the Beast Family Halloween Costumes

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